Australian Made Scaffolds

Australian Owned and Operated

Australian Owned and Operated

Did you know that ALULITE is one of the few truly owned and operated manufacturers of scaffolding in AUSTRALIA?

Did you know that ALULITE only uses Australian aluminium from Australian mills to manufacture their scaffolding?

Did you know that ALULITE has been manufacturing in Australia for over 35 years?


Over the past decade we have seen the gradual deterioration of the Austraian Manufacturing Industry. The main reasons being foreign governments subsidise on their exports, and the more obvious being cheap foreign labour. As Australians we need to support our industry because our industry is our future. So what is ALULITE doing to support Australia? To begin with it has kept the price of its scaffold low by purchasing the aluminium for our scaffolds in bulk and direct from Australian mills. Alulite has a large manufacturing factory in Australia that makes the majority of its components using Australian labour, and what it dosen't make, is outlet to other Australian manufacturers. As ALULITE is owned by Australians all profits stay in Australia.


Australia is a great country, let's keep it that way by buying Australian products whenever we can.